Stihl 029 Chainsaw

Stihl 029 Chainsaws for Sale: Coming soon. Please contact chainsawrepairman @ for more information during the interim.

029 Chainsaw Information Resource

This page is completely dedicated to Stihl 029 chainsaw information. The information here is meant to be a complete resource for everything Stihl 029 including owners manual, reviews, parts numbers, pictures, and much more.

029 Chainsaw Owners Manual:

029 Reviews:

029 Recall Information (1993-1994):

(50,000 units manufactured from March 7, 1993 to August 12, 1994). This recall is due to a faulty ground wire that may wear out prematurely and possibly catch fire if it were to come in contact with combustable fuels from the saw or another source. See site for additional information including serial number series reference and contact information for Stihl on this recall.

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