How to Sharpen Your Chainsaw Chain

Here’s a great video we came across on YouTube on how to manually sharpen your chainsaw chain. We thought we’d share it with everyone since the video is one of the best ones on the web for teaching people on how to sharpen your chain the RIGHT way.


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Oldest Known Chainsaw

World’s Oldest Chainsaw

We’ve done a lot of homework on the subject of the world’s oldest known/first chainsaw to hack a tree. There are varying viewpoints as to who the true inventor was for the first powered chainsaw and during what time period the first known saw made its tree cutting debut. Due to the difficulty in pinning down the very first saw and its inventor, has decided to throw all the collected data out there in a series of posts as points of reference. We’ll leave it up to the tree cuttin’ enthusiasts to formulate their own opinion.

Osteotome – 1830

Okay. Let’s start back in the early-to-mid 1800’s when the “Osteotome” was first mentioned in an article put out by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). The instrument was used in Orthopedic surgery as a bone saw, especially for opening the skull, and was certainly ahead of its time seeing how it appeared in an 1830 edition of the CMAJ. The inventor, Bernard Heine, invented this tool for practical use in Orthopedic procedures and was pretty slick in terms of how it functioned (especially for the time period). See for yourself!

World's First Known Chainsaw - Osteotome Chainsaw

It’s pretty obvious that the Oseteotome chainsaw has nothing to do with cutting trees and something is missing…Oh yeah! It doesn’t have a motor!

Let’s move on to the REAL first chainsaws. You know. The ones that have revolutionized the lives of millions and are petroleum-swilling beasts of burden.

Muir Chainsaw – Date Unknown

Who is this guy named Muir and who claims this guy is the very first person to invent the chainsaw for logging applications? That has been difficult to pin down. Regardless, that’s the rumor swirling around the web. Apparently, some believe Muir invented the first tree cutting saw and may have started the trend of putting a chain on a blade for logging, but the thing was so massive that it required a crane to use it. Can you say ZERO practical commercial and residential applications?

Other claims of early logging saws have ranged from the 1861 ┬áHamilton saw (hand cranked) to the late 1880’s American riding saw among others.

In a follow up post or two, will cover the invention and the advent of the modern chainsaw, so be sure to check back in periodically, subscribe to our RSS or “Like” us on Facebook for regular updates.


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